West Pierce Fire & Rescue protects approximately 31 square miles, proudly serving the citizens of Lakewood and University Place. It is a fire district funded separately from the cities. We provide numerous services to our community including fire suppression, emergency medicine and transport, technical rescue, hazardous incidents, fire prevention, inspections and fire and life safety education.

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West Pierce Fire & Rescue Rated a Class 3 Fire Department by the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau
West Pierce Fire & Rescue was recently evaluated by the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau (WSRB) for the first time since the 2011 merger of the Lakewood and University Place Fire Departments. The citizens of West Pierce will be proud to know that both cities have retained their Class 3 rating. Fire Protection agencies throughout the state are periodically reviewed by the WSRB to determine the level of fire protection they offer to their communities. The WSRB evaluates departments in a number of categories such as water supply (hydrants), equipment, facilities, staffing, response times, training, fire prevention, code enforcement and communications. Protection classes range from 1-10, a 1 being the highest and a 10 being the lowest protection rating.

Starting in 2013, West Pierce began providing fire protection service to the Town of Steilacoom. Due to this contract, the fire protection class rating for the Town of Steilacoom improved from a 6 to a 3. This is a very significant improvement in their rating and may even have an impact on insurance premiums. The WSRB recommends Steilacoom residents and business owners contact their insurance carriers to check for possible savings as a result of this change.

West Pierce Fire & Rescue, Tacoma Fire Department, and Central Pierce Fire & Rescue are the only Class 3 fire departments in Pierce County.
Reflective Address Sign Program
If we have trouble finding your home, our response time and assistance is delayed. Please help us to help you.

West Pierce Fire & Rescue has started a program that has proven to be sucessful in a neighboring community, where it makes it easier to find your house number from the road. They are subtle by day and bright by night.

We are offering reflective address signs to attach to your mailbox post or marker post at the street. These signs can be most helpful to firefighters at the end of long and/or shared driveways. The cost is minimal and the benefits are great.

Please fill out this form and send it in to order your sign.
West Pierce Fire & Rescue Hires Six Firefighters
For the first time in the brief history of West Pierce Fire & Rescue we have hired six firefighters to replace some of those who have retired over the past several years. This number is very small when compared to the number of people we have lost over the past three years, but is a very strong sign the economy has improved and we have stabilized as an organization.

We are lucky to have hired six very skilled firefighters. Each of them comes to us with previous fire department experience. West Pierce would like to welcome our newest members, Chad Erskine, Brian Johnson, Steven Lamb, Brianna Moore, Jake Stroud and Christina Webb. Their first day of recruit school was on July 14th. Graduation is on September 5th and they will be assigned to a shift and part of the workforce on September 8th.
Community Newsletter Available Online
You can view the latest edition of our Community Newsletter, The Monitor, online.
West Pierce Fire & Rescue Offers Smoke Alarm Program
West Pierce Fire & Rescue received a grant that will fund more than 2,500 smoke alarms to be installed in residences within Lakewood and University Place. Installations will be done by appointment by West Pierce Fire & Rescue personnel.

This program funds smoke alarms with a 10-year battery. The battery will not need to be changed each year like a typical 9-volt, but will need to be tested monthly to ensure it is working properly.

Appointments can be made based on the following criteria: If your smoke alarms are more than 10 years old. However, if your home has smoke alarms that are hard-wired into your electrical system, we cannot replace them, as the protection you have is greater than the battery powered alarms can offer. If you do not have alarms inside and outside each sleeping area. We recommend a smoke alarm is in each sleeping area, as well as in the hallway outside. If you do not have alarms in both places, we can add alarms where they are needed. If your smoke alarms are not working properly. We can replace battery operated alarms that are not currently working properly. However, if you have hard-wired alarms, we cannot replace those with a battery operated alarm. If you are not sure what kind of smoke alarms you currently have.

Please call us to make an appointment and we can assess your current alarms. We will then replace or add any alarms we can for you. To schedule an appointment, please contact Andee Lugo at (253) 983-4569 or Andee.Lugo@westpierce.org.
SAFEY ZONE Kids Activity Sheet - Summer Issue
The Summer issue of Safety Zone is now available for you to download. This activity sheet is geared for grades k-5. All activities are geared to teach and/or reinforce safety messages to kids. The summer issue covers learning your address & phone number and internet/comuter safety.